From Eminem and Big Sean to Kid Rock and Danny Brown, the Motor City’s long been a hotbed of rappers whose innovative beats and rhymes have transformed our culture. Another multi-talented visionary emerging from that dynamic scene, K-Squeez is known throughout the Midwest as one of the genre’s best story telling lyricists, with a unique style driven by a mix of fast rhymes, clear syllable placement, soul, sharp humor, keen observations and emotional  depth.

Capping years of successful regional albums and singles released by his own label, Meticulous Records, K-Squeez ups his game big time as the first artist signed to newly launched Detroit based M1 Records. He is set to release his first official single on M1 in September 2016 to college radio, followed by a major release in March 2017 with a well known featured artist  and a full commercial radio campaign.

K-Squeez has a long and colorful history with one of M1’s principals, multi-instrumentalist and Grammy and Soul Train nominated artist Nate Harasim, who has featured the rapper on a multitude of songs he has produced for jazz and R&B artists, including a remix of a track by C&C Music Factory. K-Squeez did a feature on “#Work It,” a track from Harasim’s popular 2015 album #shadesofnate on the jazz label Woodward Avenue Records. He also performed his 2013 Harasim produced single “I Just Wanna” live on Fox 2 News Detroit. Harasim is producing all of K-Squeez’s fresh solo material, fusing his jazz, R&B and hip-hop sensibilities with the rapper’s clean, concise, dope rhymes. “We’ve been tracking a lot of songs,” K-Squeez says, “one for every emotion.”

While building his discography and cultivating a fan base throughout the Midwest, K-Squeez was discovered and championed in the late 2000s by The Bass Brothers, who groomed Eminem for success in the legendary rapper’s early days. K-Squeez’s demo project got cut short when Eminem signed Bobby Creekwater/Cashis and assigned them to the Bass Brothers for production. In 2011, K-Squeez was invited to work with Mike Strange, Eminem’s producer at the time. These opportunities led to bigger opportunities to perform and tour, and he played everywhere from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to Coconut Grove, Florida. Throughout his career, K-Squeez has developed a high energy, crowd pleasing show, sharing the stage with everyone from Twista, Fat Joe and Digital Underground to Young Dro, Dolla, The Dayton family and others.

Growing up on N.W.A., Too Short, Southern rap duo 8Ball and MJG and the music he heard his dad play in rock bands, K-Squeez started rapping some of his older brother’s lyrics at age seven. “Our dad always had drum machines and a four track to record on,” he says, “so we used it when we could to make our own music. As a teenager, computers became more prevalent and we upgraded to recording software and were finally able to burn our music onto CDs!” Getting his first taste of live performing at age 16, K-Squeez decided he wanted to make rapping his career. In 2005, at 20, he released his first official CD, ordering 1,000 copies from Disc Makers and selling them wherever he went and performed. Since then he’s released 15 albums and Mixtapes, a handful of which were distributed online.

“All of those formative experiences laid the ground work for what I’m doing now, working with Nate,” he says. “Nate and I are a great team because we have that cool ability to meet halfway on things. We make new school rap with the occasional smart lyrical content, something I always loved about the 90’s hip-hop I grew up listening to. Affiliating now with M1 Records will allow me to focus solely on what I love best – writing lyrics, making beats and rapping.”


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