Brandon Willis is a 24 year old saxophonist from Newcastle, Washington that brings a soulful sound and charismatic persona to the northwest jazz scene. Under the tutelage of nationally acclaimed saxophonist Darren Motamedy, Brandon has played for years in the Seattle area. Six months before he was born, his parents attended a jazz concert by local smooth jazz artist Darren Motamedy. Sixteen years later in 2008, Brandon was performing alongside Motamedy at local jazz clubs as he pursues a career in music.
Brandon Willis IMPACT
Brandon Willis IMPACT – FULL Album
A recent graduate of the University of Washington with a B.A. in Political Science, his eagerly anticipated debut album titled “First Time” is now available. Developed with the likes of pianist/arranger Eugene Bien, Kenny G’s touring guitarist John Raymond, and keyboardist Donyea Goodman, Brandon aims to re-vitalize contemporary jazz with his abundant instrumental talent.
In November of 2012, Brandon was presented with the opportunity to open for Grammy nominated saxophonist Gerald Albright & Grammy winning guitarist Norman Brown at Seattle University; a performance that he calls one of his most inspired to date.
Check out his new single of the album IMPACT titled All I Need.
All I Need